Orders ship out in 2-3 Business days. 100% made in USA.

Become A Retailer


Every store is unique and we work with you to develop a solution for your needs.  Our goal is to help drive traffic to your store and offer competitive pricing to help you stay competitive.  We use our social media and website presence to help drive traffic, as well as catering a unique offering to your store.


We 100% design everything in house.  We pride ourselves in designing and producing unique products.


While the rest of the world goes more mass production, we have done the opposite.  We hand stamp, hand cut, polish, finish, and assemble every piece by hand.

All metal is 100% sourced in the US and all work is done in our home studio in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.


We do not use any plating on our products.  Why?  When plating, you take a really cheap material, and put chemicals on it to change the color.  The chemicals are extremely bad for the environment, poisonous, and can destroy water supply if not disposed of correctly.

Plating also chips off over time, and the jewelry piece is no longer able to be repaired.  By using real metals, you are able to clean it much easier.