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About Us

Be Proud of Your Story
  • Be proud of what you've overcome in life
  • Be proud of what you buy
  • Be proud of who and what you support
  • Be proud of who you'll be tomorrow

We've overcome a lot of obstacles to bring you sustainable jewelry.  What makes it better?

  • USA Made & Designed - 100% handmade in the USA
  • Solid Metal - We only use 100% real solid metal, no plated metals
  • Handmade - We take raw metal and perform over 200 processes before you receive it.
  • Living Wage - Every one of our employees are paid above a living wage, even employees that are just starting out.

Only 100% Real Metal

  • Our jewelry is much tougher to make because we only use real solid metal.  Because of this, we perform a lot of extra processes to make your jewelry.  Each piece of jewelry takes roughly 6 hours to make.
  • We developed a food grade coating that protects your skin from becoming green without the harmful environmental impact.
  • Real metal does tarnish, however it's extremely easy to clean and lasts about forever.  You can easily clean it with any pot and pan cleaner.

Why we don't use plated metals

  • Plating is an extremely thin layer of metal put on the outside of cheap metal or plastic.  It is awful for the environment and contain cyanide and other toxic chemicals. 
  • The plating also wear off as early as a few months.  as soon as it wears off, you have to either go to a jeweler and pay to have it re-plated or throw it away.

Sustainably sourced raw materials

  • 100% of our cuff and bracelet metals are sourced in the USA.
  • Necklace chain is sourced in either the USA or Italy.



How we got started

IF Only Pretty LLC was founded in 2012 by Ina and Zach Fitzgerald. Created out of a desire to make unique and customized jewelry, Ina and Zach started IFOP and instantly built a connection with their customers through the stories told on their bracelets. 

What once started as a hobby for family and friends, we eventually entered into craft shows and is now one of the highest sought out personalized bracelets.

We live in Sheboygan, Wisconsin where we cut, hand-stamp, shaped, finish and seal every bracelet in our basement studio.


Contact us anytime at ina@ifonlypretty.com

Call or text us at 920-395-9424. 

Please note, if you call us, it's usually loud in our studio.  Leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.