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How do I Care for My Bracelets?

All jewelry should be kept from water and moisture, and storing them outside the bathroom.  Different chemicals, lotions, soaps can reduce the life of jewelry.

All metal naturally oxidizes and darkens over time, it just depends on how fast. To help clean your IF Only Pretty cuff bracelets, and to slow the oxidation process, you can use the cleaning cloth included with your order.

Cleaning Based on Metal

Aluminum & Nickel - Aluminum and nickel should almost never need cleaning, in the rare case it does, use a pot and pan cleaner.

Bronze, Copper, Brass & NuGold - These metals are 100% solid, so you can use more aggressive cleaner to clean them using pot and pan cleaning products you have around the house such as MAAS or Barkeeper's Friend.

Sterling Silver .925 - Our sterling products also are solid metal, we suggest using a cleaner specifically made for cleaning sterling silver cleaner.

Gold Filled & Rose Gold Filled - use a cleaner specifically made for gold.

Lead Time - Most orders ship out within 24-48 hours. 

Quantity Discounts

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