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#TEAMTREES Cuff Bracelet

Have the outside say anything you want surrounded by this beautiful landscape!

Inside personalization is available free of charge.

Metal Type
These bracelets use REAL metal (Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Nickel, NuGold or Copper, Sterling Silver .925), no plated metals which rub and chip off.

Stamped Side
Because we use extra thick metal, you can choose to stamp on the inside and/or outside. Please note if you choose to stamp on the inside, there could be small blemishes on the outside, if you look really close. To hide this, we suggest choosing the "Brushed", "Shimmer", or "Hammered" textures.

Every bracelet has been coated 4 times with our own coating we developed in-house to prevent greenskin.

We developed all of these finishes and apply them ourselves so every bracelet is perfect. This is very unique because it eliminates scratches and other blemishes.

To maintain quality, we perform over 120 steps to make your bracelet perfect.  Everything is handmade in our 2400 sq ft studio located in Wisconsin. All raw metal is 100% sourced in the U.S.

All of my designs arrive perfectly packaged in a craft jewelry box, tied with ribbon - perfect for gift giving!

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